Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for...Zigzag

It's the last day of the A to Z Challenge! Wow, that went by fast!
I've really enjoyed visiting all the blogs participating in this challenge. That being said, I'm so glad it's over! LOL! I'm an author and authors are told to blog, so I created a blog. I've been zigzagging all over the place for almost a year, not entirely sure what I want to blog about or even if I want to blog at all. The biggest thing I've learned from blogging every day is that I can't blog every day. I write every day. I write fiction. Blogging is something else. Will I keep doing it? Yes, I think I will. But right now, I'm ready to settle down with a chocolate martini and dive into my favorite place - the unpostable fictional world of my dreams! Tomorrow I might do some blogging, just to see how it feels to blog without the restrictions of A to Z! :)
And I will happily enjoy your future posts, A to Zers...I'm addicted to quite a few of your blogs and I'll be watching you to see which way you zag!


  1. Good job rising to the A to Z challenge, Kristi! Have a couple martinis and relax for a while!

  2. Mmm...chocolate martini. Have you ever had chocolate wine? It makes a great milkshake.

    Ashlee / Ramblings of a Silly Girl

  3. Great word for z. congrats on completing the challenge!


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