Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mirror Writing

Monday is a good day for weird writing habits, right?

Agatha Christie said that the best time to plan a book is while doing dishes. For some reason, my creative juices really get going while I'm in the shower. No, I'm not writing steamy sex scenes! Well, not always.

I think the shower is just the last place of privacy in my life. I don't bring my phone into the bathroom so I don't hear it ring. I don't have Facebook or Twitter in the shower. My kids know that I will not respond to knocks and urgent calls for "Mom". I'm not distracted by passing cars, television, music, doorbells or anything else.

So I often step out of the shower brimming with ideas. I realized that by the time I got dressed and dried my hair, the ideas had swirled down the drain, so I started this habit of mirror writing.

I just grab a lipstick or an eyeliner and scribble on the mirror. It's great for getting ideas out in a hurry. Not so great for my husband though, if the story really takes off!

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