Sunday, April 7, 2013


Storyboarding Sunday

Today I'm working on my storyboard for The Monster at Water Castle (tentative title). This is probably my favorite part of the writing process.

I don't begin with a storyboard. I've already written about 15,000 words or so. This lets me get to know my main character and play with the story idea. Once I get some words down and have a general idea of what the story is about, I do a storyboard. My storyboards change constantly. Right now I know who my main character is and what she wants. I know some details about the setting, which are important for this story.  I know the tone I want to set and I have a very clear vision of the last scene.  The rest I will fill in as I go. Here is an inspiration photo for the setting...

Yes, that's me! I'm cheating a bit here...this is actually an Italian castle and my story is set in Germany. Lucky for me, I write fiction! For some reason this staircase wants to be in the story, so why fight it?  Now I'm off to fill all that white space with multi-colored Post-It notes...see you on the other side!


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