Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Eeeeewwww

....and everybody party because The Corpse Goddess is now available in PAPERBACK! I've had lots of requests for this and I'd like to thank the wonderful Evernight Publishing for making it happen.

To celebrate I'm posting a short excerpt from the novel, which I like to describe as Horror Lite. It's not a book for the squeamish, but it's lots of fun!

The zombie walked around the bed, coming for her. The smell emanating from the thing was turning the wine in her stomach to vinegar, but Meg swallowed back the nausea and forced herself to stand. She lunged forward, legs scrambling, stomach lurching. She thrust out her hands with all her remaining strength.
The impact, when it came, was like a jacked up haunted house gimmick. She felt her fingers plunge through the fabric of the thing's tattered white shirt as her hands sank into its rotting chest. The flesh beneath its shell of leathery skin was surprisingly gooey. Her hands sank into the gelatinous mess, and she had a fleeting thought that this was how people went crazy. She could feel her mind slipping away from the shocking reality of her predicament and into a deep, dark hole somewhere in the depths of her mind.
And then the rancid flesh embraced her, pulled her in. An intense burning triggered her hands to start shaking, and the sensation traveled up her arms. She screamed and tried to pull her hands away, but they stuck, super-glued to the monster. A bolt of blue ran across the zombie's chest. Meg screamed again, howling like a wounded animal, desperately trying to free herself from a nightmare she didn't quite believe in.


  1. not my kind of book but thanks for the excerpt.

  2. Oh dear Lord, I need fresh air. Can't promise to be brave to pick it up..but thanks for the warning. :D

    Dropping by from A2Z


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