Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guest Post: Melissa Frost

Good morning! I'm so happy to have Evernight Teen author Melissa Frost visiting today!  Let's talk about her newest release, The Dating Tutor: Alec's Story!

Drawing the Line…

The Dating Tutor series is my first attempt at the young adult genre. When I decided to tackle something for a younger audience, I realized I had to censor myself for the first time. With my other works, I don’t cut violence or sexual content. Real life isn’t censored; I’m not going to do so with my writing. I want it to be gritty and real.

With the young adult, I wanted the same, but I had to delicately balance what I felt was acceptable content in a teenager’s life. I had to draw the line on what was okay and what wasn’t. As a result, I discovered something about writing for young adults, not only is it fun, but it forced me to be more creative. Young adult has a more romantic element to it because there is a lack of the frank language used in adult novels. I was inspired to be more imaginative in my description, more romantic in the characters’ actions. With an adult novel, we know where things are headed – sex. With young adult, that isn’t always so. Things can progress differently and at a slower pace. It was very refreshing. It was a nice break from what I usually write.

I will enjoy returning to my uncensored self, but I have definitely found a love for writing in the young adult genre. I look forward to doing so again.

Here is a sexy excerpt from The Dating Tutor: Alec’s Story –

“Can you help me learn how to kiss?”

He jumped back as if he’d been burnt. “What?” His voice was an octave higher than usual, causing him to cringe with embarrassment. Her request was just so sudden and unexpected. He’d been trying to ease back into normal territory, and she’d blindsided him with this.

“I don’t really know what I’m doing…and you seem to be the expert. I just thought…” She shrugged, her eyes lowering shyly to her hands. “I thought maybe you’d practice with me…or teach me. Whatever.”

“When?” he asked, voice sounding pained. He felt like a deer, trapped in the headlights of an oncoming car. He saw the danger as it raced toward him, but he was unable to get out of its path.

She shrugged again before motioning to the television. “It’s almost intermission…”

Intermission. She wanted to do this now. Panic welled within him. He knew he should tell her no. He knew he should stop things from getting any more abnormal between them, but the thought of kissing her was too enticing to let pass.

He swallowed thickly before bobbing his head in agreement. Ignoring the rest of the period, he shifted closer to her on the couch and curved his arm around her waist, drawing her gently toward him. “Come here.”

He leaned in, bringing his mouth closer and closer to hers. She wiggled in his arms and released a nervous breath against his lips that sent a tingle down his spine. “Close your eyes,” he instructed with a shaky laugh.

She complied, fluttering her eyelashes closed as she tilted her chin up ever so slightly in invitation.

With a little smile, he closed the remaining distance and brushed his lips lightly against hers. Just that simple contact sent the blood pumping in his veins; it sent his heart roaring with want.

Ellie gave a soft, eager whimper. She became lax in his arms and melted against him, curving her body along his.

“Don’t do that,” he growled into her mouth as he lifted both hands to brush her hair back from her face. He continued to kiss her ever so gently, his fingertips stroking along her jawline as he shifted her hair.

“Don’t do what?” She whispered her reply between soft, slow kisses.

“Don’t whimper like that.” He ran his thumb along her bottom lip. “Only make that sound if you’re looking for a full on make-out session. No guy can control himself after a sound like that.” He moved his thumb away from her lips before lowering his mouth to hers again.

Ellie leaned into his kiss. Giving another soft whimper, she lifted a hand to the back of his neck to deepen it.

She was toying with him. Alec knew without a doubt that Ellie had whimpered again on purpose. It was like she wanted him to lose control. Well, she was about to get her wish, because that sound had driven him over the edge. He gave a growl of arousal and slid his hands down her hips, so he could pull her closer. Her body was pressed tightly against his, and he could feel her breasts through her sweater. He teasingly bit at her lower lip before nudging her mouth open with his own. “Mmm, Ellie…”


The sound of his name moaned from between her lips was almost as sensual as the feel of her nails grazing the back of his neck. He could not get enough of her. As his tongue dipped into her mouth to brush against hers, he debated slipping a hand underneath her sweater.

“I swear this laundry multiplies in the basket!”

At the sound of Mrs. Harper’s declaration as she trudged down the steps lugging a large laundry basket, Ellie and Alec simultaneously broke away from one another. Ellie brushed her fingers frantically through her disheveled hair while Alec rubbed at the lip gloss he could feel resting accusingly against his lips. They’d barely made themselves presentable by the time her mother descended into view.

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