Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Happy New Year of Writing

The kids are back in school today and it’s officially the New Year for me! Happy New Year. Like most people, I’m taking stock of my life, my goals and my nascent writing career. (Yep, using obscure words today)

Here are my current Works in Progress:

The Monster at Water Castle:    25,174 words
Double Back:                            58,087 words
Cloudburst:                               80,889 words

My goals for 2014? To publish two more novels before the end of the year. Valkyrie’s Kiss is coming out soon, so that will give me three released novels.

Other goals? Nothing special really. Watch less television, read more, try to stop and smell the hibiscus once in a while! (Though I’ll have to nurse my poor hibiscus back to health after two days of freezing weather)

 And be a better blogger. 

So in the spirit of being a better blogger, I’m going to make myself a little schedule. Here’s what I have so far:

Mondays            News & goals for the week
Wednesdays       The writing life, guest posts
Fridays               Places I’ve Been – just for fun, because I love to travel and talk about traveling!

I hope you’re having a fantastic new year, despite the freezing temperatures! 

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