Friday, September 6, 2013

Indie Reads

Indie Read of the Week

Happy Friday!
Today I got a wild hair to read more Indie books. For my purposes, an Indie book is either self-published or published with a small e-publisher (like me). I’m looking for diamonds in the haystack, so to speak. This week’s Indie Read is Locked In (Zombie Bedtime Stories, #1) by Thea Gregory.
I’ll try to read one each week and give a short review. My reviews will be honest, but not brutal. My goal here is to find some new favorite writers, not to tear down ‘bad’ writers or ‘bad’ stories. Only someone who has tackled a novel really knows how hard it is to do. I respect every writer. What we do is damn hard and often misunderstood. If I find problems, I’ll point them out. Gently. 
I’m not receiving or soliciting requests from authors. Generally I'll be looking for books with few ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I’m choosing things that interest me and so I won’t be sticking to one specific genre.  I found this week’s Indie Reads from the Indie Book Lounge
Have a fantastic weekend!

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